Reaching our community with the love of Jesus

Beacon Housing

Life can be chaotic.

Unexpected things can suddenly happen.

The stability of home can evaporate.

We are hoping to exchange contracts this September for the purchase of a 4 bedroomed house in the Wecock Farm estate, Cowplain, to create some supported housing to help young people at risk of homelessness. It is being set up in partnership with Green Pastures, who have a vision to eliminate homelessness in our nation. They have been running for some 20 years and are  supporting/housing 1,132 people at present. Individuals invest with them, they purchase the property and cover all legal requirements. They also provide a liaison worker to support our work. 
The property will then be leased to us. Residents will claim housing benefit which, because of the support they receive, will cover property related costs, including the lease.  
 We are looking to offer rooms in this property to single men up to 35 years. Each resident will have a support team member who will provide a minimum of 3 hours of support, helped by a range of people offering time and skills to the residents. 
There will be a referral system and interview process. We have volunteers who will cover maintenance of the property but will do this with the residents, to build skills and friendship. We will have a team who provide help with finding employment, budgeting, benefits, life skills etc.

Click below to watch a video introducing the house:


"How can I help?", you ask.

  1. If you know of a young man who could benefit, talk to Simon and Ann or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. If you would like to support the house, whether it is by helping in the house for an hour or so a week, with the admin or with the upkeep of the house, again talk to us or email as above.
  3. We also need to have 10 "Good Samaritans", superstars who will support the core costs of Green Pastures by donating at least £5 a month. Prayer is free and we could do with lots of that too!! Click here for more info.

    Thank you.